Three days in St. Petersburg II

Program for students 40 +2

Day 1 sightseeing around the city.

Accommodation at the hotel

Okeonarium SHARK SHOW

Secrets of the underwater world attracted to confident people.

It is in the Oceanarium dreams come true every traveler.

“The show with the sharks” fascinates with its danger, uniqueness and professionalism of the diver-trainer. Always believed that sharks – primitive animals that do not respond to training. Customers who witness these shows, be sure how people wrongly played down these ancient inhabitants of the ocean. Moreover, people with amazement realize that each shark has its own individual character, that they, like humans, can experience jealousy, affection or pleasure to luxuriate, lying at the diver’s arms.

Day 2

Excursion to the Caves Sablinskaya

Hard to believe that just 40 km from the city are real caves, mazes which stretched for miles. There is no winter and summer – all year round one and the same temperature of 8 C. Those who get there, are at the mercy of the King of the Underworld and we encourage you to make friends with him.

Sablinskaya Caves – a unique natural site.

During our tour you will visit the cave, “left bank”, with its main galleries, halls, passages and numerous suites of rooms, and you will see an underground lake of Captain Nemo. Able to contemplate these seething waterfalls – Sablinskaya and Tosnensky In addition, we will be able to walk along the canyon of the river Tosna.

The caves are very special, experts say, medical air, which is a prophylactic for the prevention of many diseases.
Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum – the world of chocolate pieces. The only kind boutique in St. Petersburg. In smaller rooms are a unique collection of figurines of chocolate truffles with the addition of alcohol, marzipan with a different taste, vegan chocolate – for palm oil and soya milk. Products made from three kinds of chocolate – milk, white and black. Everything “exhibits” of manual work. French confectioners conjure over chocolate, giving it an amazing shape.

You can find a gift for a child – machines, a collection of elephants, dolls, and the ball at full size, and adult – chess, or a bust of Lenin .. The shop you can buy chocolate figures, some of which remind you of the sights of St. Petersburg. Enough in the “Chocolate Museum” and just the original chocolate figures. For example – an edible bust of Vladimir Lenin.

Book House Just spare time

Day 3

Pushkin and the Catherine Palace

Amber Room

Catherine Palace

magnificent building in the Russian baroque style. Admired luxury furniture Great Hall of the palace and the “golden suite” ceremonial halls, among them – the world-famous Amber Room. Once in his room, you can feel the spirit of Elizabeth and Catherine eras, in part – the era of Emperor Alexander I, see rare artware

Price of the tour 110 Euro 1 person

Transport service Excursion services

Overnight accommodation for 4 people