Three days in St. Petersburg

Program for students (40 +2 pers.)

Day 1

Overview of the city.
Accommodation at the hotel

Day 2

Star hall, observatory, observing the sky through a telescope, Laboratory of entertaining experience,

Star Hall. In the Star Chamber there is nothing stopping to see the stars of any part of the sky at any given time, planets, galaxies, comets, asteroids, eclipses the sun and moon and other astronomical objects and events.
Observatory. The observatory allows everyone to look into the depths of space. It is equipped with several modern computer-controlled telescopes for observing the sky.

Laboratory entertaining experience

This laboratory – in-house development of the Planetarium. It is interesting to everyone – and five years and those over seventy. Here physics does not seem too complicated science, so it becomes fascinating.
Show Ghosts and Legends of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Horror “- totally new genre in contemporary art. This view, contested by actors, mannequins and robots among the streets of old St. Petersburg, the water flows and flames. This mystery, which killed the kings and all-powerful favorite, there are ghosts and wandering shadow falls into the abyss of an elevator and tremble under the feet of city sidewalk. This action is happening in the space of stereo, video projection and holographic installations.
“The horrors of St. Petersburg” – a world of sound, images, mechanics and illusions on the history and legends of our city.

Day 3


A unique leisure and entertainment complex Russian Village “Shuvalovka located in the picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg between Strelna and Peterhof.

On the territory of Shuvalovka placed buildings, built in the tradition of ancient architecture of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries.

In Shuvalovka open a mini zoo, a smithy and pottery workshop, a chapel and house of crafts where you can buy souvenirs.

Check out home

Trip cost 110 euros