Scandinavia, Lapland


GOLD Santa Claus!

Day 1:
route to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, spend the night in place.     

DAY 2:
With us you visit Santa’s village. Walk a few steps away from the Arctic Circle in the village that inspires both children and adults. The village has shops and malls. The village can find a lot of interesting things in Lapland. Optionally, a beautifully executed Santa photo. Suveniirtooted. Christmas Museum.
Polaarjoone Crossing – here you are passing a ceremonial and mysterious beauty product home a diploma and a photo of this fun event.
We will also visit the Arctic on the same day at the museum.

Day 3:
Arctic Zoo Ranua.
It lives in a zoo in the north about 60 kinds of aquatic animals.
Going along the 3 km length of the bridge can be viewed on a trolley for bluefin, wolf, elk, golden cat, reindeer, hirvega, metskitsega, lynx, polaarrebasega, raccoon and other animals, and their lives.

Ranua is the only place where you can see the polar bears!
A zoo is built so well that it seems like winter you walk in the woods, meeting with residents on their way to the forest. Also visit the fairytale castle MUR-MUR.

During the evening you will amaze Snow City, where everything is made of snow. You can see the snow in the hotel where the most daring can stay spend the night – to sleep without any hirvenahkadel küttesoojuseta.
Great restaurants are all made of snow, snow: chairs, armchairs, furniture, lighting, fireplace and even some of the dishes.

DAY 4:
return trip home.

The price includes the price of travel, subsistence and sightseeing.

For an additional charge:
Santa Claus Photo A4 (24 EUR)
A certificate for crossing the border – 4.5 euros
Additional visits to museums: Snow City – 20 euros / person.
Arctic – 10 per adult
Children 7 – 15 Annual – 5 euros
Up to 7 years – 0 EUR
Family ticket – 2 +2 – 22 euros

Come with us!

Royal Stockholm – “The Royal Stockholm»

Stockholm will begin a comprehensive inspection tour with the slogan “The Royal Stockholm.” This is because both History and the Present of the Royal dünastiatega. You will see many interesting things, you know the history of Stockholm, Sweden, and to learn from events that take place today. Tour while you are in a number of islands, which the city is established.

Kungsholmen, Royal Island – the city administratiivkeskuseks. Here you can walk on the shore of Lake Mälaren, which will take you an unforgettable view of the knight on the island and visit the Old Town and Old Town Hall, where the Nobel banquet.

Södermalm, South Island – the largest of the islands of Stockholm. Söderledeni View Heights, located on the site, you can admire an unforgettable panorama of the city.

Gamla Stan, the Old Town – the historic center of Stockholm. XIII century was built here for the protection of security of “three crowns” and formed the city. You fall into the medieval atmosphere of the Old Town. Here, there is also Royal Õukoda.

Djurgården, an island of animals – the former royal jahikõlvikud. This is one of Stockholm residents meelistatum resting place. Here are located in the most popular museums in the city: Skansen, Vasa, Scandinavian Museum, Aquaria, and an amusement park.

Urban mainland you learn about the city in the administrative and commercial centers, the Swedish Policy Center, Opera, Drama Theatre, the Kings with a garden (formerly kapsaaed), visit a most elegant street in Strandvegeni city, diplomatic campus, radio and television campus, and many more ….

We will visit the Vasa ship museum – pride of the Swedish fleet. During this tour we told you the most compelling story of the history of the warship, which sank more than three hundred years ago, but that was lifted up, and now the whole of its beautiful glory and is one of the most popular museum among museums in Scandinavia. There is also a chance to see the movie in Russian ship building and restoration of her.


1 day

Chapter 14:00 and the trip to the accumulation of Tallinn
17:00 Registration laevapraamile
18:00 to 10:00 laevapraamil Stockolmi mileage, overnight accommodation barges, may wish to use the sauna service, ordered dinner “buffet”.

Day 2

10:00 Arrival in Stockholm, a meeting with a guided tour
10:30 to 16:30 in Stockholm A comprehensive tour of the Royal Stockholm, Town Hall Museum and the Vasa museum visit.
17:00 Registration laevapraamile
Ride a ferry in Tallinn 18:00 to 10:00

Day 3

10:00 Arrival in Tallinn
Return trip home from 10:00 to 12:00

Tour price from 2500 EEK, price includes accommodation in 4-bed cabin, a tour service, a bus ride and ferry tickets. Accommodation in a second-class cabin, catering for an extra fee.